Friday, July 15, 2011


They say Taiwan is the hidden gem of Asia, and I think we’d have to agree.  I had so much fun last weekend in Taiwan seeing Craig be so comfortable and confident in this crazy city.  We stayed at the W Hotel which was an experience in itself. We were sitting by the pool on Saturday afternoon and all of the sudden a DJ comes out and starts mixxing rap music! It was like being at a night club but it was still light outside. We were only there for one full day so we rushed around the city to see everything Craig wanted to show me. He led me around all the cities he lived in, we met the people he got close to, tried all his favorite foods (well he tried them, the food was a bit difficult for me to stomach…), we went to an unbelievable night market with thousands of people and ate at the 3rd tallest tower in the world! It was so fun to see Craig ramble on in Chinese like a native. I could not believe it! It gave me a headache but I was so proud of him. Taipei, Taiwan is one wild city, and I am shocked Craig lived there for 2 years! 

Craiggy back in the motherland!

Taipei 101-  3rd tallest tower in the world

Look what we found all the way in Taiwan :) It made us miss the Powell's!

There are seriously more scooters than people in this place

Craig's breakfast off the street, a peigen qise danbing(a chinese style breakfast burrito)...yikes

All his old favorite drinks- sports drink and papaya milk!

The metro he rode so many times

The Mcdonald's he lived in when he missed America 

Where he used to play basketball 

You cannot even imagine the smells coming from these markets...stung the nostrils

yep, raw meat baking in the sun...sanitary

Craig helping an old friend out, she was going to a wedding and this was the wedding gift she was bringing.  

CRAIG'S OLD APARTMENT!!!! (the gated window right above the white sign)... home sweet home! :)

His old church

Craig taught these guys english

our lunch group :) 

On top of the 3rd tallest tower in the world! we were so high and got to ride the fastest elevator in the world up to the top!  It went up to the 89th floor in 33 seconds!!d

Grace- Craig's Taiwanese Mom. She is wonderful and adores Craig

The views were unbleivable

This city is so dense

Hot and sticky...

The night market was one of the craziest experiences ever... the smells are seared into my nose forever

You couldn't believe how crowded this place was. We were literally the only white Americans around. We kind of stuck out haha 

Craig actually eating right off the street...I was scared for him. This was some kind of peanut mush soup with gelatin in it... oh my...


Craig still feeling hungry after his peanut mush soup then got OYSTER OMLETS... what the...

I was dying

Burger Kind, another safe haven 

Craig's favorite store 

Check out this street 

All of Craig's favorite hang out spots 

Just a typical street in Taiwan

We LOVE you Taiwan! 

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