Monday, December 13, 2010

Goodbye Europe!

This image seems to capture our life for the past 3 months. We feel like we have been non stop traveling, living out of suitcases, and on the go! We have loved every second of it, but are ready to get home to the things we love.
(Love= Sunshine, family & friends, America)
Europe has been good to us and we will miss our crazy adventure we've had but we cannot wait to settle down and make a home for ourselves again in Utah. 
The next few weeks are going to be wild and busy. Our week looks like this:
Tomorrow morning- fly to London at 7AM, 3 hour lay over, fly to DC.
We are in DC for less than 24 hours and squeezing in a fake Christmas with my family and packing our truck full of as much stuff as we can.
Wednesday- 5 AM start our drive across country to Utah and pray for no snow...
Friday- Hopefully make it in to Utah and move into our new apartment!! 
We'll spend the weekend moving in, enjoying all the missed yummy Utah food, and seeing some friendly faces!
Tuesday- fly to CA for a sunny and warm Xmas with the greatest family I know!! 
I love our wild and chaotic life right now and am so excited for the next chapter in our life.

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Dublin, Ireland

So Craig and I did something wild and decided to fly into Ireland for less than 24 hours yesterday. We found cheap plane tickets on this crazy little airline called Ryan Air…very sketchy…but we arrived safely at 8AM and left at 8PM. We felt like we had to go see Ireland while we were over here and would regret it if we didn’t go, so we hopped on the plane and spent the day in Dublin! It was so much fun! The whole town was decked out in Christmas gear and the holiday cheer was everywhere. We went on the double decker bus, walked around their Christmas market, saw St.Patty’s church, saw the Guinness Factory, walked around the shops, had a delicious lunch, and read our books in a cute little café. It was a very relaxing day and we are so grateful we went. Today was our last Sunday here…we are packing our suitcases tonight and we fly home on Tuesday morning! We can’t believe how fast this crazy adventure has gone!
On the double decker bus tour

At the Christmas Market

Beautiful hanging balls in the trees

St.Patty's church

St. Patrick

Gigantic ugly metal sculpture in the middle of Dublin

Reading our books in the cafe

On the sketchy airline... the safety instructions were on the back of the seat, no pocket holders or tray tables, everything was green and yellow plastic including the seats... eye opening experience haha

We survived. Thank you for cheap 10 pound tickets RyanAir.

Thursday, December 9, 2010


The snow just keeps on coming.
It has not stopped snowing for the past 2 weeks now and Edinburgh has turned into a winter wonderland. This has definitely brought on the Christmas feeling but it has also made us hibernate a whole lot more than we’d like. Edinburgh does not know how to handle snow as well as good ol’ Utah does, so the entire city has basically shut down. Its been good for me though because now I have no excuse not to stay inside and study for my exams…which I finished tonight yah!
Craig and I have been playing a lot of Gin (which I win every time :) ), drinking hot cocoa, and eating boxed soup, yummy.
We love this little city but we are ready to come home next week!
We are going on one last trip to Ireland this weekend and then fly home to DC on Tuesday. So excited to get home just in time for Christmas!

This is what our nights consist of...

Sunday, December 5, 2010

*Christmas in Edinburgh*

Christmas has come to our little city!
Edinburgh is full of the Christmas spirit and filled with so many yummy holiday goodies. Craig and I spent the weekend in Edinburgh enjoying the German Christmas Market that came into town.

The Market was full of vendors selling Christmas trinkets and gifts but more importantly, they were selling the most delicious food!
Craig and I seriously ate our way through the market all day on Saturday… and it was totally worth it!
We have gotten LOTS of snow this week in Edinburgh…and when I mean lots I mean it has been snowing non-stop since last Sunday! The whole city is covered in a beautiful white blanket and I was loving taking pictures of the city covered in snow.
Christmas is my favorite time of year and I love experiencing it in a brand new city and creating new Christmas traditions and memories with the man I love.

Thursday, December 2, 2010

A very Thankful Thanksgiving

I love love love my family!
I feel so blessed to have such an incredible family who are also my best friends. I have missed them so much since moving over to Scotland. They came and visited Craig and I last week for Thanksgiving. We had the best time with them and did a ton of stuff! It was so fun showing them where we’ve lived for the past 3 months and meeting my new beautiful niece Hadley. We explored Edinburgh, went to Loch Ness and the Highlands, went to a Rugby game, the boys played golf at the original golf course St.Andrews, and we had a delicious American Thanksgiving dinner at the hotel. It was such a perfect week. I was so sad when they had to leave but was so happy they had come all this way to see us. It was truly the best Thanksgiving present to be with my family. 

We ate at this cool restaurant called the Witchery, unbelievable. 

On the Big Bus double decker tour.

My new beautiful niece Haddie, she is an angel. 

Oink, where we took the boys for lunch... yep that's a full pig in the window... yikes!

Me and Kourt outside the J.K. Rowling cafe. So happy she's my new sister!

Best daddy in the world.

Matty didn't prepare for the cold very well so he rocked Kourtney's scarf.

We also got him a Loch Ness Monster hat to keep him warm :)

Craig's mustache and beard he grew out for MOvemeber.

Very sexy and rugged but it was time to go... this is right before he shaved it off.

Craig and my Dad, best buddies, all bundled up together. 

Girls in front of the Adam Smith statue

Edinburgh castle

There is so much gothic architecture in Edinburgh

Such a Daddy's girl

View of Edinburgh from on top of the castle

Craiggy's going to be the best dad in the world

The boys fulfilled a life long dream and played gold on St.Andrews golf course. This is where golf was invented!

The hotel prepared a delicious American Thanksgiving dinner for us!

Willie, the chef showing us his proud Turkey.

Our Thanksgiving menu

All bundled up at Loch Ness

At a Rugby game, Scotland Vs. Samoa!

The boys

Love my hubby