Saturday, July 16, 2011


 Craig had to go on a business trip this week for work. They told him he needed to go fly down to Malaysia to experience the hotel market and hotel feasibility. At first he was going to go down for 3 days with his co-worker Noel and I was going to stay in Hong Kong. But when I saw pictures of where he was going and the 4 Seasons Resort he was staying at I knew I couldn’t miss this opportunity. So Craig, Noel, and I left on Tuesday to go down to Malaysia and flew back to Hong Kong on Friday. While the boys were hard at work all day I got to relax at the resort and discover this magical little place J. It truly was the most gorgeous place I have ever been to in my entire life.
I knew nothing about Malaysia before this week. It is very similar to Thailand but even more rural and even more beautiful. I was shocked to learn all about the people and culture there. It is an entirely Muslim country with very strict rules. The people were wonderful and very welcoming. The beaches were stunning with their white sand, aqua water, and green islands that jutted out of the water. We got to stay at two gorgeous hotels while we were there and try the most incredible Malaysian food ever. Craig was pretty busy working the whole time but whenever I got to be with him it was heaven because this place was incredibly romantic. I can’t believe how much we’ve already been able to see already in our time in Asia. I could have never even imagined adding Malaysia to the list of countries that we’ve visited. I am so incredibly grateful for these experiences.
Our room at the 4 Seasons was gorgeous!

This was our bath tub, unreal.

nicest bathroom everrrrr

SO green

The pool

The view from the pool

Each person got their own private lounge area


Look who came and visited me on his break, he is so cute!

Fee masages at dinner!


Love this boy

Roaming monkeys on property!

The Lobby!!

My heaven, laying out reading a book. 

Craig and Noel


  1. Love the updates!! You should make all your posts into a book when you get home! These pictures are amazing! Tell Craig hi and that I'm thinking about you guys!

  2. sooo pretty oh my gosh! this is amazing. you two are the cutest ever.