Thursday, July 7, 2011

Hong Kong

We LOVE Hong Kong! This city is amazing! Our first week here has been busy and exciting! Craig started is job at the Hotel Development office here and is working so hard. He leaves every day around 7 am and doesn’t get home till 9 pm some nights. I don’t like this part very much but I do love how much he is learning and how excited he is about going to work each day. He has traveled all over the city, toured a dozen hotels, and has learned more than he could have ever imagined.
I have kept busy exploring this incredible city. Hong Kong is so unique because it’s a tropical paradise surrounded by these huge skyscrapers! I love the skyline here. Every day I walk through breath taking parks, go to the street markets, the jade markets, and discover little local spots. The food has been delicious here and Craig loves showing me the tasty Asian delicacies he’s missed since living in Taiwan. Tonight we rode on the star ferry across the harbor and saw the light show and all the buildings lit up. It was such a pretty view of the city and so fun to be with Craig while looking at Hong Kong all lit up and dazzling. We have loved our first week here! This weekend we are going to Taiwan to see where Craig served his mission for 2 years and then on Sunday my parents come for the week, we are so excited!
Craig on his first day of work!

I kind of stick out here with this blonde hair...

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  1. Kim! Love all the pictures and updates... I hope you guys are going well! I miss yall' like crazy. Love you!