Thursday, December 9, 2010


The snow just keeps on coming.
It has not stopped snowing for the past 2 weeks now and Edinburgh has turned into a winter wonderland. This has definitely brought on the Christmas feeling but it has also made us hibernate a whole lot more than we’d like. Edinburgh does not know how to handle snow as well as good ol’ Utah does, so the entire city has basically shut down. Its been good for me though because now I have no excuse not to stay inside and study for my exams…which I finished tonight yah!
Craig and I have been playing a lot of Gin (which I win every time :) ), drinking hot cocoa, and eating boxed soup, yummy.
We love this little city but we are ready to come home next week!
We are going on one last trip to Ireland this weekend and then fly home to DC on Tuesday. So excited to get home just in time for Christmas!

This is what our nights consist of...

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