Sunday, December 12, 2010

Dublin, Ireland

So Craig and I did something wild and decided to fly into Ireland for less than 24 hours yesterday. We found cheap plane tickets on this crazy little airline called Ryan Air…very sketchy…but we arrived safely at 8AM and left at 8PM. We felt like we had to go see Ireland while we were over here and would regret it if we didn’t go, so we hopped on the plane and spent the day in Dublin! It was so much fun! The whole town was decked out in Christmas gear and the holiday cheer was everywhere. We went on the double decker bus, walked around their Christmas market, saw St.Patty’s church, saw the Guinness Factory, walked around the shops, had a delicious lunch, and read our books in a cute little café. It was a very relaxing day and we are so grateful we went. Today was our last Sunday here…we are packing our suitcases tonight and we fly home on Tuesday morning! We can’t believe how fast this crazy adventure has gone!
On the double decker bus tour

At the Christmas Market

Beautiful hanging balls in the trees

St.Patty's church

St. Patrick

Gigantic ugly metal sculpture in the middle of Dublin

Reading our books in the cafe

On the sketchy airline... the safety instructions were on the back of the seat, no pocket holders or tray tables, everything was green and yellow plastic including the seats... eye opening experience haha

We survived. Thank you for cheap 10 pound tickets RyanAir.

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  1. bahahha KIM I can't believe you risked your life on Ryan Air for a SECOND time!!!! Good for you for such a spontaneous little day trip! Your winter break sounds so busy!!! Best of luck and I reaaallyyyyy hope we can get together soon!!!!! And merry christmas if I don't talk to you before then!! xx