Saturday, September 25, 2010

Our First Two Weeks!

Our first two weeks have been incredible! We love Edinburgh and have settled into a little routine. Craig loves work and I am staying busy doing school at the local library every day in the city. Craig’s cousin Ryan came to visit us last weekend and we went on a tour of the highlands in the North of Scotland. The highlands were gorgeous! We also got to see Loch Ness, and even found Nessie! We went on a terrifying tour of the underground dungeons in Edinburgh, went to the Edinburgh zoo, and hiked up Arthur’s seat. It has been non-stop and we are exhausted but we love every bit of it. 

Craig and I finally did laundry. We had two full suit cases of clothes to wash, it was absurd!

This is the local Laundromat in town we go to.

This is at the Edinburgh zoo.

Zebra's in the background

The view from the zoo. 

Ryan came to visit!

The underground terror tour of Edinburgh, terrifying... 

Ryan being accused of being a witch. This girl loved him.

The sketchy witch temple underneath Edinburgh city... so scary

There are some crazy street shows every day in the middle of the city center.

This guy swallowed swords!


Adam Smith with a cone on his head

Love this city!

About to get nails pressed into himself! 

The Highlands!

Craig's sweet new jacket. It is built for the arctic haha 

We cruised Loch Ness

Craig and Ryan with Loch Ness in the background

Oh my goodness we saw something....!!!!!

Our boat we cruised on

About to hike Arthur's Seat

Arthur's Seat in the background

Outside of Craig's work, the Scottish Parliament 

On top of Arthur's Seat

James, Craig's co-worker hiked with us

Edinburgh and the ocean in the background

The city

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