Sunday, September 12, 2010

Edinburgh, SCOTLAND! Home sweet home...

We finally made it to Scotland! I cannot believe that this is our new home for the next 3 months! It is gorgeous. So far we have had no rain only blue sky, but it is quite windy and starting to get a bit cold. The weather is so unpredictable here. The Scottish people say, "If you don't like the weather right now, wait ten minutes." This is one of the coolest cities we have ever been in. There is so much history here. The city is very old with amazing gothic churches and historic buildings. We are staying at the Marriott right now, which has been amazing. They have helped us so much and have shown us how to use the bus system, where to eat, where to shop, and anything else there is to know. We have already fallen in love with this city. We spent all yesterday walking around the old city. It is basically just one big road called Princess Street. There are tons of restaurants and stores. Most of the restaurants are either Chinese or Indian. It is actually harder to find an authentic Scottish restaurant here than ethnic food. Edinburgh is a big melting pot of nationalities. We walked to Craig’s work, The Scottish Parliament that is about a 45 min bus ride from the hotel. We went into an old Scottish bag pipe store where old men where in there wearing their quilts and playing the bag pipes. Craig even got a little lesson. We talked to a man who told us about some of our heritage based on our last names. I learned that Harrison’s are huge over in Scotland and the Harrison bloodline comes from a royal bloodline, and we even have a family seal. Pretty cool to learn. The people here are so friendly and proud of their country. Their accents are beautiful, but sometimes so thick we feel like they are speaking another language. Craig has already explored the authentic Scottish dishes, like fish and chips. We went to church today and met loads of people. There are a lot of young couples in our ward, which makes it really fun. A few of them work with Craig in the Parliament. It was amazing that half of the ward was Chinese people from Taiwan and there are a few Chinese missionaries here so Craig is in heaven and talked to all of them today. We are so excited about our time here and feel so blessed to have been given this opportunity to come to this incredible city and meet these amazing people.
Our temporary home

In front of his new work

Craig getting a little Scottish bag pipe lesson

The coolest gothic church in the background 

A gorgeous park we ate lunch in

The famous Edinburgh castle on Arthur's seat in the back

Outside the church


  1. love all the posts and pictures !! we misss you guys! We wish we could come visit you !!! be safe.

  2. Kim! you are too cute for words! ... so are you craig! miss you guys! im so excited for your adventures and I can't wait to keep up with them on this blog!!!