Sunday, September 12, 2010

Zermatt, Switzerland

From Interlaken we rented a cute little car and decided to drive 3 hours away to Zermatt. Zermatt is a little town high up in the mountains at the base of the famous mountain, the Matterhorn. Zermatt is an amazing town that reminded us of Park city. At the beginning of our drive up to Zermatt we were a little nervous to drive through the windy roads through the mountains of Switzerland, especially because this was the first time Craig or I had ever rented a car. We got a GPS, plugged the address in and began our little road trip through the countryside of Switzerland, not knowing what to really expect. When we plugged in the address to our GPS, it asked us if we wanted to take a “ferry” or avoid the ferry. By avoiding the ferry it would have added on a whole hour to our drive. So of course we decided to take the ferry, thinking that we would just drive our car on to a little boat and see some pretty countryside. A ferry is typically a boat right? Wrong. An hour into our drive our GPS tells us we were approaching the “ferry”. We turn off the road where the GPS tells us and the next thing we know there was an angry German officer yelling at us to drive our car onto this very old, rickety, rusty, huge, metal, hollow train looking thing. We thought he must have been joking. There is no way we were supposed to drive our car onto this contraption. But when an angry German man is yelling at you, you listen. So we drove on this huge metal train with open sides and pull up to a line of cars. We look around and everyone else has calmly put their cars in park and have opened a book to read or have lit a cigarette like its no big deal. All of a sudden the train starts moving. It is going so fast and all of our windows are down and the wind is flying everywhere, it’s loud, and pitch black! We were going through a HUGE mountain on this thing! It was so dark we could not even see our hand in front of our face. Craig instantly started having a panic attack. It was crazy! We rode in the dark for about 45 minutes until we finally came out the other side and saw that we had literally cut through an entire mountain. Guess that’s why it saves an hour for our drive. After that drive we were very happy to finally make it up to Zermatt. Zermatt was amazing! We rode up a very high gondola ride to see the top of the Matterhorn. Most the people going up on the gondola were going snow boarding and skiing up at the top because there was tons of snow! I of course was wearing flip-flops and no jacket and looked like an idiot. Everyone was laughing at us. It was so cool though. Freezing, but very cool. We were exhausted after this exciting day.
Getting on the "ferry", Craig's panic attack begins :) 

Craziest moment of my life. On the "ferry"...

On the "ferry" don't do it justice

This is the mountain that we literally rode through on the "ferry"

Excited to go up to the top of the Matterhorn!


Looking down on Zermatt from our gondola

This is what was waiting for us at the very top of the creepy

We were freezing!

So much snow at the top!


The Matterhorn

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  1. I am loving your posts! It must be such a fun experience to visit all these places, just the two of you! The "ferry" story is my favorite!