Wednesday, October 27, 2010

The Ultimate Scottish Experience

The castle we visited on Loch Ness
We drove along the coast to a beautiful old lighthouse in a little fishing town. I wish I had taken more pictures but unfortunately I only took one of Craig with Dave and Veronica and the rest of the pictures I got on line…there better than anything I could have taken. It was just so gorgeous, especially with all the fall leaves!

The cute town of Inverness
The leaves were incredible up in the Highlands, I love the fall.

A gorgeous church we visited in Inverness

After spending the week up in Inverness we were happy to get back to our little home in Edinburgh. We just LOVE this city. We feel so comfortable here and at home. We spent the weekend eating at our favorite restaurants, walking around the city, saw a movie, and we went and saw the broad way Spamelot at the Edinburgh playhouse! It is based off of the movie Monty Python and the Hold Grail, it was hilarious!

We are loving our crazy little life here in Scotland but are definitely getting a little homesick for our friends and family back in America. We will always look back on this time in our life as some of our best memories but nothing beats the good ol’ USA and being around good friends and our family. We are off to Amsterdam for the weekend! Happy Halloween everyone!

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