Tuesday, June 28, 2011


Dubai is the most incredible place I have ever been too! This place looked spotless compared to India. We were so happy to be there! We had 24-hours to discover this neat little place, and we did not waste any time! Dubai is a gorgeous new city built in the middle of a huge desert right on the ocean. If any of you have seen Sex and The City 2, picture that haha. It is very plush and ritzy. We knew we had to go to the famous indoor ski park we’ve heard so much about. We were in shorts, t-shirts, and dresses in 120-degree weather and could not imagine skiing in the middle of the desert! This was the coolest experience of my life. We got full jump suites on, rented our skis, and went skiing for the day! I will never forget that memory. It was so much fun to be with Matt, Kourt, Chris, Jess, and Craig skiing inside with music blasting and seeing woman in full burkas zooming down the mountain. After skiing we did some shopping and went to the tallest building in the entire world, it was unreal. That night we ended our 10 day trip together with a delicious dinner at a gorgeous hotel that looked like a sail boat, right on the water. We had so much with everyone and could not have asked for a more memorable trip. We’ve done some crazy things over the past 10 days but the thing I loved the most was how close us 6 became and how grateful I feel for such an incredible family who are also my best friends. We’re going to miss being all together but Craig and I are excited for our adventures ahead!

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  1. awesome update! Looks like you're having a great time! xo...jules